ECU Remapping in Dover

We are an MSD Evolution Chips approved installer, one of Europe’s premier performance remapping companies with a database now covering in excess of 60,000 different ECU types and calibrations.

We offer economy and performance custom mapping tailored specifically for your vehicle.

Don’t take a chance on your remap! With every map we install we will perform a full diagnostic scan prior to running your vehicle on our Mustang 4WD dyno then give you a printed graph showing the results achieved for power and torque gains.

We absolutely guarantee to improve the fuel economy on Turbo Diesels and also give a lifetime warranty on all programs.

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30 Days to try with no risk

We fully understand that anyone new to remapping or even just new to our company will naturally be quite worried that they may not be able to feel the extra power and torque after the conversion or that they may not get the promised fuel economy gains. With this in mind we have the following simple guarantee and refund policy to put your mind at rest.

"If within 30 days you aren't completely satisfied with the remap, then we will give you your money back!"