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During an MOT Test, the examiner will check many areas of the vehicle, including bodywork, emissions and safety features, the test ensures that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards. Below are the main areas that are covered:

Lighting and Signalling Equipment (Inc fog lamps & reversing lights)

All electrics in your car are checked to ensure there is no damaged wiring and the battery is not flat. All of your vehicle lights will be tested to ensure the bulbs work and that they are clean and visible.


Your steering oil will be checked as will the steering lock mechanism. They will ensure that there have been no inappropriate modifications to the power steering pipes or hoses.


The brakes are an essential part of your car’s safety, so they will be thoroughly checked. The mechanic will test their condition, operation, performance and the anti-lock braking system.

Tyres and Road Wheels

Seat Belts

We all know how important the seatbelts in our cars are, so of course, they are part of the MOT test. They will be inspected to ensure they are in good condition and working order, that they are attached securely, and that they are the correct ones for the vehicle.

Body, Structure and General Items

The car’s body will be inspected to ensure that the car is free from corrosion or damage and that there are no sharp edges that are likely to cause an injury.

Exhaust, Fuel and Emissions

In the exhaust emissions test, the gases that your car releases through the exhaust. A probe is placed in the tailpipe which measures the amounts of four gases: oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons. Then with a calculation, the mechanic will work out the measurement of the combustion efficiency of an engine.

Driver’s View of the Road

Your windscreen will be checked for damages and chips, as will your windscreen wipers. Your screen wash levels will be checked because it is one of the easiest fixes and can save you serious time and money!


Noise Suppression Material

Undertray Security

Emission Control Equipment

Engine Malfunction Indicator Lamp

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Tampering

Some diesel cars are fitted with DPFs (those that are tested for during an emissions test) and keeps soot away from the environment. It is illegal to remove the DPF from your car, so the mechanics will check to ensure it is still there.

Fluid leaks – Engine, Transmission and so on

Your car will be checked for leaks and contaminations of all kinds of fluids; coolant, AdBlue, oils, lubricants – a leak is usually bad news, so this is checked for.

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MOT Tests can be carried out on your car up to one month before the expiry date of an existing UK MOT certificate, provided that a current MOT certificate is presented to the examiner at the time of the test.

Trustytec in Folkestone is approved by the Government-appointed Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and all MoT tests are completed by MoT testers nominated by DVSA.

An MOT test is a legal requirement for every vehicle over three years old (and every year thereafter) to ensure that your vehicle meets the minimum environmental and road safety standards. The tester will evaluate the roadworthiness of your vehicle based on the condition of various components which he will meticulously study for any sign of inadequacy.


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Service & MOT Special Offers Dover

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With Trustytec, you can make huge savings when you book a service and MOT together, using our easy interactive online booking system. Simply enter your vehicle registration number and select a date and time that suits you from our live diary. Save a massive £20 in Dover when you book the two together.

As we enter those colder months, it’s vital you take extra care with your vehicle, a service and MOT with Trustytec includes a vehicle health check, all fluid levels checked and topped up, replacement of the engine oil & oil filter, including a class 4 MOT.

Save £20 when you book a service and MOT together in Dover!

A professional, reliable garage in Dover you can trust all year round is essential to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Keeping your vehicle in good condition is an important part of owning a vehicle. We are an independent service and MOT garage providing the very best possible service for our customers in Dover.

MOT Dover

September 11, 2022 in MOT

If are you looking for a garage that offers MOT in Dover, find an authorised garage with registered testers. At our garage, we are known for the quality and professionalism we provide in all our services.

The annual MOT test is required by law for all vehicles 3 years and older. This test covers a range of checks to ensure that all aspects of your vehicle meet the requirements. The checks include several aspects such as your vehicle’s steering, brakes, tyres, and body structure, among many others. The purpose of the MOT is to ensure the safety of your vehicle while on the road.

If your vehicle initially fails the MOT test, we can have it retested for free at our garage in Dover. You’ll be pleased to know that many issues found during your car MOT test can be rectified while you wait. If your vehicle has failed the MOT test, the issues listed on the certificate will need to be addressed. These issues will need to be repaired before having your vehicle retested. Our expert team can provide you with a non-obligational quote for these repairs, and we will not begin until we have your approval.

You can book your car MOT in Dover online using our online booking system. This is an easy procedure where all you need to do is enter your vehicle’s registration number and then select a date and time that suits you for your MOT test. Saving you both time and effort! If you need any assistance or require any extra information on the MOT test you can contact Trustytec and we will be more than happy to help.